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10 reasons how traditional retail (street/food) markets benefit you and your community?

  1. They offer a place where people feel they belong! A home away from home…
  2. They offer all consumers of all ages and types easy access to affordable, often locally produced food, that is mostly fresh, healthy, diverse and ethnically varied;
  3. They offer increased employment and a stronger local economy by being important employment generators and small-business “incubators” that offer business start-up opportunities;
  4. They provide support for the most vulnerable in our communities like the elderly, the poor, the otherwise excluded…;
  5. The support better public health though increased fruit and vegetable consumption – and by promoting healthy-eating programmes as well as other local initiatives);
  6. They support community culture like arts, craft and entertainers, they help to increase tourism, and they are usually a strong part of the community and national cultural heritage;
  7. They are a fun way to promote community and ethnic cohesion among peoples of all race and religion, and they often offer an educational forum for adults and children;
  8. They offer a cleaner and safer local environment by reducing waste, excessive packaging, and keeping the main town areas and streets populated, etc.);
  9. They are effective tools for urban regeneration and rural connectivity;
  10. They support local producers, manufacturing and agriculture and traditional products which might otherwise disappear;
  11. They make our towns, villages and cities come alive, more fun, and much more attractive to live in!


What do you think your local market adds to your life and community? Tell us your thoughts and views below…