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Christmas Markets Videos

Dublin at Christmas Market at St. Stephen's Green

Christmas Markets in Vienna 2014, Austria

Christmas Market Wonderland Cologne

Lincoln Christmas Market 2013

I BELIEVE Christmas market Lodge 360p

#GermanyXmas - Best of "Christmas Markets in Germany"

Mercado da Quintana 2014

Valkenburg: World Christmas Markets, Caves and Parade

Prague Christmas Market - Old Town Square

Best Christmas Markets in Europe - Tallinn, Estonia


You can help

Markets are at the heart of communities everywhere, but they need more ‘official’ recognition if they are going to get the investments they need and deserve. What better voice is there than your voice? The public voice. The local community voice. The consumer voice. How else can we make sure that markets receive the recognition they deserve?!


10 reasons how traditional retail (street/food) markets benefit you and your community