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International LYLM 2015 Launched!

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The international launch of the ‘Love Your Local Market’ LYLM 2015 campaign was held in Lambeth Town Hall in London, UK on 30 April and was followed by a visit to Brixton Market.

The launch saw the participation of six European countries: UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and Ireland. Representatives signed a WUWM Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which unites markets in 16 countries for this May 2015 celebration. Click here for a copy of the MoU.

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WUWM has united over 2,000 retail and wholesale markets from the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Holland, Poland, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Finland, Sweden, Hungary, Hong Kong, China, and the USA in what has been called the largest market celebration the world has ever seen.

LYLM 2015 is a fun occasion to publicise global pride in all forms of markets. It promotes the vital role markets play in ensuring affordable, accessible, fresh, healthy food to citizens in communities everywhere. This year’s international LYLM 2015 message is: Markets Save, Markets Create! Help us tell the world, from consumers to important decision makers and institutions, the role that markets play in saving jobs, saving the environment, saving on waste, saving tradition and culture, saving food, and saving money! Markets also create – they create jobs, create small businesses, create fun, create excitement, create community, and create opportunities to buy fresh, healthy food! Let’s spread the word with the LYLM campaign!

LYLM2015 brings people from all ages and walks of life together to celebrate the local markets in their communities. Participating markets will offer prize giveaways, competitions, public workshops, seminars, food tastings, product deals, local entertainment, arts, craft and displays, and even cinema, in a variety of actions and activities throughout the month of May. A joint WUWM and Royal Photographic Society (Italian chapter) photo competition entitled ‘I love my market’ will also coincide with the event, encouraging young people to get out on to their local markets. See more information on http://findamarket.org/photo-competition/

Is your local market participating in LYLM2015? Check out the map on the findamarket.org website to see which markets will run LYLM 2015 activities. We’ll keep you posted here on who is doing what and where throughout the celebration which will run in most countries throughout the second half of May 2015. Direct information from markets and their national associations participating in LYLM 2015 is available by visiting the following LYLM websites:

WUWM International – findamarket.org

Sweden – www.soderhallarna.com/
Germany – www.erlebedeinenmarkt.org/


Poland – www.twojlokalnyrynek.pl/

Don’t forget to join us on Twitter (WUWMarkets) and Facebook (World-Union-of-Wholesale-Markets), and link to many participating country and market social media sites – including the UK campaign #LYLM2015, which already enjoys some 11,000 followers.

Managing a market? Join us and register your market to LYLM 2015 by filling in the form below today!



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