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LYLM in Greece


Greek poster 2 Greek poster

Keen to participate in LYLM 2015 in Greece?

The Greek website for ‘Love Your Local Market (LYLM)’ is: http://www.loveyourlocalmarket.gr/ and a link also with the Central Market website: www.okaa.gr

Instagram: lylmgreece (#lylm2015)

Facebook: facebook.com/okaa.gr


  • outdoor
  • radio spots
  • Markets and Fisheries branding
  • merchandising (t-shirts, jockey cap, bags, silicon bracelets)
  • press releases (pre-publicity, post publicity)
  • posters, banners, LYLM branding in the area
  • video teasers


  • At the Central Markets
  • Monastery nutrition exhibition – Traditional Practices / Timeless values from “The Museum of Greek Gastronomy”
  • Educational programs about the importance of proper nutrition for schools/students (primary school)
  • Graffiti event
  • Traditional products and tastings’ events
  • Live cooking with famous Greek (TV) chef
  • Food bloggers live cooking
  • Instagram contest
  • DJ sets
  • Food truck street food for the visitors

2) At the Fish markets (i.e. Piraeus, Chalkida, Chania)

  • Cooking with local societies
  • Cooking with undergraduate students from the Greek School of Tourism
  • Live music events
  • Guided tours of schools and students
  • Japanese chef cooking sushi with fresh fish
  • Educational programs for primary school children in relation to the proper nutrition