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What we’re about

We believe that wholesale and retail food markets are not only the past and the present, but they are also key… to a better future!

We consider that food distribution is not a business run exclusively by economic considerations. Essential to human life, food distribution must comply with several social and ethical goals.

However, municipal retail markets cannot function optimally without promotional/marketing funds, nor can they operate competitively without effectively funded management able to provide for basic needs such as good lighting, sufficient parking, as well as safe and hygienic amenities. They also cannot run if market traders don’t have access to a nearby wholesale market!

That’s why we need your help and involvement!

Retail markets are clear keys to ensuring quality, fresh, healthy food is available, affordable, and readily accessible to the public. Retail markets also ensure an alternative retail channel exists – one that supports price transparency, increased variety and diversity of product, and ensures a competitive playing field is established for all sized businesses to compete.
Elements of better recognition, better urban planning, long-term investment in public markets, improved market management – alongside teaming up and ensuring a renewed focus on the consumer, the negative trend of the declining number of visitors on markets and the high numbers of closures of small food retail shops can be stopped.

We believe the key four areas that will attract and bind future consumers are: availability, choice, service and convenience. To support markets in offering those, local governments are urged to be more open minded, and to increase their flexibility and support for the markets under their responsibility.

A compilation of video’s  about markets

BBC The London Markets 3of3 The Fruit and Veg Market Inside New Spitalfields 576p HDTV x264 AAC MVGr

Beijing Wangfujing Night Market

Presentació de la 4ª edició de l'Observatori CPP Programa PARTNERS - La Unió

You can help

Markets are at the heart of communities everywhere, but they need more ‘official’ recognition if they are going to get the investments they need and deserve. What better voice is there than your voice? The public voice. The local community voice. The consumer voice. How else can we make sure that markets receive the recognition they deserve?!


10 reasons how traditional retail (street/food) markets benefit you and your community